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  • Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

    Heated stones have been used for centuries in many cultures to promote the flow of energy around the body and to relieve physical tension, promoting relaxation. 

    Smooth basalt stones are warmed in a heater with water, and used along with oil massage to relax the tissues. 

    *  Aids in the relief of back and general aches and pains

    * Allows deeper massage without too much pressure

    * Reduces stress, anxiety and tension, may help with mood lift, and insomnia.

    * Sedates the central nervous system

    * Increases blood flow to the skin and muscles

    * Improves circulation

    * Eases arthritic  conditions, and helps with fibromyalgia.

    * Increases flexibility and range of movement by relaxing connective tissue.

    PLEASE NOTE: Because of the heat used in this therapy, if you do have a pre-existing medical condition, or skin condition, please contact me first to discuss if this would suit your needs.