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  • Therapeutic Massage Therapies

    Myofascial Release Therapy 

    This is a highly effective soft tissue therapy. Fascia covers the muscular system, from the small individual muscle fibres, through to entire muscle groups in the body and is called myofascia. This therapy is highly effective and works to improve movement and functionality, creating space. Using long strokes which gently stretch and pull the fascia, adhesions in the fascia slowly release where physical or emotional trauma or stress may have caused these physical restrictions to occur.  Slow and sometimes deep pressure is applied, to help restore the health of the fascia. MFR therapy has many amazing benefits, so if you would like to know more about MFR therapy and how it can help you please contact me to discuss.  

    This therapy is used to address specific areas of the body in each session, depending on where the restriction is,  not as a full body massage.

    $75.00      60 Minutes

    Therapeutic Massage Therapy 

    To help with chronic muscular pain, injury rehab, relaxation.  Tailored to suit your individual requirement with lighter or deeper pressure. Intending to restore range of motion, reduce muscle tension, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce stress and anxiety, aid relaxation, increase joint mobility and flexibility, improve headaches or migraines, improve sleep quality, 

    45 minutes  $60.00

    60 minutes  $75.00

    90 minutes  $100.00

    Combination Massage & Reflexology 90 mins $100.00

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